Top 11 Reasons To Purchase a CSA Share From Us This Season 2019

11. Yes you can afford it! A full share is $25/week, less than a family of four will spend going out to eat at Steak N’ Shake. A half share is $12.50/week which is less than most people spend on coffee a week.
10. You eat. As a human, your body needs fresh fruits and vegetables, and really appreciates it when they are free of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.
9. You care about the environment. Buying local prevents the tens of thousands of miles logged to truck most produce into your local grocery store, as well as water, air, and soil pollution from conventional farming practices.
8. You have taste buds. You appreciate a tomato tasting like a tomato.
7. You care about field workers and believe they deserve at least minimum wage. Migrant workers harvest much of what you find at grocery stores and aren’t paid fairly, nor treated well.
6. You value local farmers and don’t want us to become a thing of the past.
5. Being able to meet your farmer and farm is important to you.
4. You value being a part of a community of like minded people, who also value local foods and organic growing practices.
3. You’re a foodie (hint you can’t claim this title without supporting local farms).
2. You recognize living a life of faith calls us to actively support both food justice and land stewardship.
1. You think your neighbors deserve to eat real food too, and you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is.

Drop offs in Bloomington, Champaign, and Decatur.

Purchase your share here using the link below. Use the code 10Jubilee to save 10% by March 1, 2018